"If it's not Part of the Solution..."

Helping organizations and individuals reach their goals through better conflict management

Conflict is inevitable. Interests do not align automatically and it is easy to end up stuck in a positional battle. With over twenty years of experience, we can help you to find the problem, fix the problem, and keep the problem from coming back. 

Our philosophy
Each situation is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help in a meaningful way. All of our solutions begin with assessment and then connect appropriate solutions to the specific problem at hand.  Our toolbox is full of options to help improve your situation. 

Our commitment to results
When we work with you, we are committed to providing professional neutral and advisory services with clear definition of success the driver throughout our engagement. 

Our experience
With over two decades of experience in conflict management, strategic planning, organizational change, and dispute resolution., POTSADR is a leader in creating opportunity out of challenges. 

Finding the Problem

Fixing the Probelm

Keeping the Problem from Returning

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